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Palestinian 'Peace' Education

Significant amounts of information regarding the content and impact of educational material on Palestinian children can be found on the web. The list below is designed to provide links to this information, from all points of view. It is a living document, and as we come across additional information, we plan to post it here.

  • NEW: Israeli - Palestinian
  • presents in a simple, nonpartisan format to the core question "What are the solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?" Questions about the topic are divided into issues and sub-issues. All individuals and organizations quoted on the site are ranked based upon a unique credibility scale.

  • Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group was founded by a diverse group of well-established Palestinians in December 1996 in response to the deteriorating state of democracy and human rights under the PA. It balances repeated condemnations of Israeli actions with incisive reports on the violent and financial corruption within the PA. Its latest report makes a mockery of EU claims that the PA is edging towards reform.

  • Palestinian Children: What Are They Being Taught? A very readable and extensively footnoted summary of the major issues and published reports, published by the Prism Group

  • The Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace has issued several reports, news bulletins and analyses critiquing the content of Palestinian schoolbooks.

  • The Palestinian Media Watch monitors, translates and issues reports and bulletins relating to Palestinian Media with a focus on messages designed to indoctrinate Palestinian children to hatred.

  • The Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI) is a joint Israeli-Palestinian organization, which has also issued widely quoted reports and letters sometimes contradictory in themselves.

  • The (Israeli) Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center has published many reports analyzing documents captured by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) during forays into Palestinian towns. Many of these reports indirectly or directly relate to educational materials and the educational influences on young Palestinians.

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