The Role of Hamas

Who's in Charge?

During incursions into Gaza, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) captured Palestinian Authority's own internal correspondence which reveals that the extremist Hamas organization, outlawed as a terrorist organization throughout the world, "has infiltrated into the Ministry of Education and [has] thus gained influence over the students." Further, "The Hamas movement begins to constitute a real threat to the political vision of the Palestinian National Authority and to its interests, its presence and its influence. The influence of the Hamas via the teachers in the schools is very clear."

Israeli Military report (pdf format), including scanned copies of the original correspondence and Palestinian Preventive Security Servce assessments.

The sad effects of this type of educational influence were found in a child's scrapbook, prepared on UNRWA stationery in the Kalandia refugee camp. The young teenage author's project glorifies terrorism and 'martyrdom' the way many children around the world might hero-worship footballers. Just as a society which encourages teenagers to glorify its sports stars can be expected produce more players at all grades - so glorifying terrorism will naturally influence young children to follow a path of hate and violence. The results are not surprising.

More information on the Kalandia scrapbook

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