Open Letter from Arnold Roth


20 June 2004

Ironically, just as the results for the new European Parliament have begun to unfold, there has been renewed interest in the misuse of Brussels investment in the Middle East. With doubt, there is at least an indirect connection between the two events. Voting patterns reveal a swing against established parties, thus sending a clear sign to Brussels: clean up your act.

On June 7th 2004, German Bayerische Rundfunk television reported [if link does not work, click here] that it holds evidence that Chairman Arafat had authorized European funds to be used for the purposes of terror.

The programme lent backing to the serious doubts raised by 6 MEPs in March that money leaving Brussels was being subverted for immoral usage. (See EU Working Group Report.)

And 2 days later, the EU Observer commented on the programme. [If link doesn't work, click here.]

"It is clear that OLAF is still receiving fresh evidence on the irresponsible way in which million, if not billions, of EURs have been distributed within the Middle East. It is increasingly patent that not only has money been diverted away from its targeted population groups, namely the Palestinans. These funds have also been used to support and maintain a pattern of physical and educational violence, which would be abhorred in any decent country."

The mounting evidence, which continues to delay OLAF in reaching its conclusions, is not limited to new documents being provided by the Israeli army, as they progressively translate the mounds of material captured in 'Operation Defensive Shield'. OLAF also needs to consider public statements by Palestinians.

This week, the many claims of no evidence that European contributions to the overall Palestinian budget were diverted terror were denied, once again out of the mouths of the terrorists themselves. Arab journalist Khaled Toameh quotes Alaksa Brigades leaders Hani Uwaidah and Zakariya Zubeidi, as confirming that their bands received salaries directly from the Palestinian Authority (PA) budgets, and that now that international pressure had stopped these payments, they no longer engaged in terror attacks. [Article also reprinted below.]

It is openly acknowledged that international donors contribute approximately 60% of the PA income. The EU is considered the most significant supporter.

No doubt, OLAF will want to interview Toameh, and possibly the terrorist leaders themselves. All this will further add to the delay in reaching conclusions.

The real question is whether the new mood in the European parliament will be bold enough to ensure that they vote in a new regime to the Presidency and European Commission – or whether they will return the same faces who have allowed themselves to be deceived into diverting the European taxpayer’s hard earned taxes into the pockets of thieves and murderers.

Below, we are publishing an open letter from Mr Arnold Roth, whose daughter was killed in a terror attack on a pizza parlour on August 9, 2001. The perpetrator of the attack was Iz-a-din Al-Masri, a 22-year-old from Akabe in the northern West Bank. Al-Masri was the son of a prosperous family. Like many young Palestinians, he had been fully exposed to the new education curriculum of the PA, a system which promotes hatred and which is funded and welcomed by the EU.

Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 06:54:29 +0300
To: Patten Chris
From: Arnold Roth

Subject: For Mr Patten's personal attention please

Dear Mr Patten:

An Arab journalist who used to write for one of the Arafat newspapers has published the story below in today's Jerusalem Post. It raises what seems, to a reasonably informed onlooker, to be the clearest possible indication that Arafat and his regime have at all relevant times funded the Palestinian Arab militants. Not to mince words about it, this - for those who actually need such things - is "the smoking gun". It connects the PA to terrorism, and by extension, implicates the European Commission which has continued to shovel vast amounts of money into the very same PA pipeline against reams of evidence that to do so is to fund murder.

Depending on how one looks at it, today's story is either a revelation, or a very, very good reason for you and your staff to pick up the phone and make some urgent calls.

I wrote you an open letter last September which was published as an article in the European Wall Street Journal. (If you do not subscribe to the WSJ, you might not be able to get access to their site, in which case you can freely view my article and its questions: Blood, Money and Education.) In it, I asked you a number of questions aimed at encouraging steps to be taken by your office in the direction of helping to bring peace to the region where I live, and an end to EC funding of institutionalized Palestinian hatred and murder of Israelis like my teenage daughter Malki.

You saw fit to ignore the questions and the letter. I wonder whether the revelations made in Khaled Abu Toameh's very important article today may cause you to revise your earlier support for the notion that there is no evidence of the PA and Arafat funding terror.

I await your reply.

Arnold Roth

Originally published in the Jerusalem Post

Fatah acknowledges Aksa Brigades link

Khaled Abu Toameh

Jun. 15, 2004

The Fatah Central Council has decided to form a special committee to study the demands of the Aksa Martyrs Brigades militia. The committee will consist of senior Fatah officials and cabinet ministers.

It is the first time that the Palestinian leadership has acknowledged its responsibility for the armed group.

The decision to form the committee follows complaints by the leaders of the militia that Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat and the Fatah leadership have abandoned them and were no longer paying them their salaries.

Earlier this week, several members of the Aksa Martyrs Brigades in the West Bank and Gaza Strip embarrassed the Palestinian leadership by threatening to break away from Fatah. The gunmen also accused the Palestinian leadership of corruption.

On Sunday night, Arafat chaired an emergency meeting of the Fatah Central Committee in his office in Ramallah to discuss ways of containing the mutiny by the Fatah militia.

The meeting was attended by Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei, who announced that the Aksa Martyrs Brigades were receiving the full attention of the Palestinian leadership.

He said the most important mission now was to guarantee the safety of the gunmen who are wanted by Israel for carrying out terrorist attacks.

Hani Uwaidah, the commander of the Aksa Martyrs Brigades in Tulkarm, told The Jerusalem Post that the PA stopped paying his salary a few months ago. He said that was the main reason why he and his friends had halted their attacks against Israel.

"The Palestinian leadership in Ramallah told us that we must now sit quiet and that because of pressure from the international community they would not be able to continue paying us our salaries," he added.

Senior PA officials in Ramallah on Monday confirmed that Arafat had invited the Fatah gunmen to join the reformed security services.

Former PA cabinet minister Abdel Fatah Hamayel, who acts as a liaison between Arafat and the fugitives, said the idea of recruiting the gunmen to the Palestinian security forces was not a new one.

Hamayel said there were at least 450 Fatah gunmen in the West Bank and Gaza Strip who had "made many sacrifices for the Palestinian cause."

He added: "After all these sacrifices, we can't tell these men that we don't need their services any more. The Aksa Martyrs Brigades have a big role to play and they are committed to the decisions of the political leadership."

Meanwhile, the commander of the Aksa Martyrs Brigades in the Jenin area, Zakariya Zubeidi, launched a scathing attack on Fatah leaders and called on them to resign.

Zubeidi, who is wanted by Israel for his role in a series of terrorist attacks, accused the members of the Fatah Central Council of trying to sideline the Aksa Brigades. "They are continuing with their conspiracies against the Aksa Martyrs Brigades and they are trying to stop the funding to us," he said.

Zubeidi said the group had enhanced Fatah's position in the past three years. "Thanks to us, Fatah restored its dignity and power during the intifada," he added. "But now the members of the Fatah Central Council are putting pressure on us to disband. We don't trust them any more and we tell them that they are the ones who must go."

Zubeidi claimed he narrowly escaped an attempt on his life earlier this week when an undercover IDF unit caught up with him in the Jenin refugee camp. He said the soldiers opened fire at him, but hit one of his bodyguards, who was wounded and taken to hospital.

He said he and his colleagues would abide by any cease-fire agreement declared by the various Palestinian factions after Israel leaves the Gaza Strip. However, he threatened that his men would continue to launch attacks against the IDF in the West Bank.

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