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UK Parliamentary Inquiry: The Mendoza Submission

November 2003

The International Development Committee of the UK Parliament is currently conducting an inquiry into Development Assistance and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. This cross-party parliamentary inquiry is investigating nine specific aspects of the effectiveness of European aid to the Palestinian population and the impact of the current war conditions on the Palestinian population.

Mr. T. Mendoza of Southend, England, has provided the Funding for Peace Coalition with a copy of his comprehensive submission to this inquiry. Drawing on information from a wide range of sources, including this website, Mr. Mendoza addresses the very concerns raised by the Funding for Peace Coalition.

Aside from our research, Mr. Mendoza brings a wide range of evidence from EU sources, NGO reports, an academic intelligence research center and newspapers to show widespread misappropriation of international aid by the Palestinian Authority and to demonstrate the highly ineffective nature of this distribution in achieving its goals.

We congratulate Mr. Mendoza, and present his submission here for you to read.

November 19, 2003

Submission of Mr Terry Mendoza to the UK Parliamentary Select Committee on International Development

(Excerpt) The full text is available as a PDF file.

A. Background

I am a UK citizen, a resident of the Southend area. I have always been concerned about the possible abuse of EU revenues by special interest groups. During the summer of 2002, suspicion emerged that EU funds to numerous Palestinian projects were not being distributed in an open and transparent manner. This was to the detriment of both Europeans and the intended recipients. I began to examine the level and manner of funding given to aid the Palestinian people by the EU.

My research leads me to three basic conclusions:

For the decade following the 1993 signing of the Oslo Accords, the EU has donated around 4 billion to the Palestinians via various agencies.
It is impossible to state with reasonable certainty whether this public money, as well as donations from other international operations, has reached its intended destinations.
Any further outlays need to be channeled in new and constructive manner in order to benefit the average Palestinian, while serving the peace process and causing a reduction of hatred.

I am submitting this evidence with particular regard to Sections 1 and 6 of the inquiry, which seek to examine the effectiveness of EU aid and with specific reference to NGOs.

It is not my intention to determine if or what level of support is to be maintained by HM Government for Palestinian projects. My aim is to illustrate that any future investment should consider the problems encountered by European officials. They are increasingly unable to demonstrate credible evidence that their vast donations have reached the proposed destinations, especially in light of the mounting evidence that they have not.

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